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While the public school system in United Kingdom is definitely amongst the better schooling systems it is possible that public schools are not sufficient. This can be the case if a child has learning difficulties and would need special focus and attention that is often impossible in public schools. Today, it is rather common that the size of classes in public schools exceeds 40 or more children which obviously makes it very difficult for teachers to dedicate to individual pupils.


The Kingshottschool Is A Reputable Private School

It has also been statistically shown that those children who attend private schools in the United Kingdom will in general attend better universities later on which in turn will lead to better jobs and a significantly higher salary. Recent numbers show that private schools often result in what is called a “wage premium” at a later time in life.

So what this means for parents in the United Kingdom is clearly that a private school would significantly increase chances for their children to get better jobs. This can be a important thing to consider in a economy where the job market is still difficult.

How can you find a suitable private school for your child?

Before you make such a decision it should be obvious that you will need to do meticulous research. You should always contact the private school and have them answer all your question and concerns you may have. You should definitely schedule an appointment with the school in question for this.

In some cases you may have relatives or friends who themselves attended a particular private school. Maybe someone attended a UK prep school in Hertfordshire or another reputable school. Ask them about their experience of the school and whether or not they can recommend the school to you.

Most importantly, also ask your children what they would expect from a school. Private schools in the United Kingdom can vary greatly in terms of what extracurricular activities they offer. Your child may be into sports, so it can be a good idea to ask the school whether they offer such types of activity as well. Always know that a private school can mean much more than education. Make sure that the school you consider will offer everything that will help your child to grow up responsibly and successfully.

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Manufacturing in UK At 14-Month Low   no comments

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As per the latest numbers, manufacturing activity in United Kingdom slowed to a 14-month low this past August.  Likewise, data released by the Bank of England earlier this week showed a sharp upswing in consumer credit.

The senior economic adviser to the EY Item Club, Martin Beck said in a public statement that it is this combination of lower manufacturing output and increase in consumer credit which is ““in danger of losing its balance”.

He said “In early 2014, investment and exports offered solid support to GDP growth and reduced the economy’s reliance on consumer spending and the housing sector. But there is now concern that the UK is in danger of repeating the problems of the past”

Several other economists are stressing that despite the slowdown the pace of expansion remains solid and better than average. On the other hand it us increasingly likely that manufacturing would provide a lesser contribution to overall UK economic growth this quarter as compared to earlier.

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About IT Apprenticeships And Their Benefits   no comments

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Today, if they’re smart, people should do anything they can to increase their chances on the job market. It’s not exactly a secret that finding a well-paying job may often turn out difficult. More often than not, job seekers spent months searching on the open job market. This problem is even more amplified when we’re looking at the major cities in the UK, for instance London or Birmingham. As you may already be aware of, the job markets there are extremely competitive.

What can graduates in the UK do to increase their chances to get hired?

The competitiveness on the British job market and the fact that many well qualified applicant may often compete for one single position lead to that increasingly more employers in the UK are very picky.

Fresh graduates can be at a serious disadvantage since employers today look for those people that have job experience rather than looking at grades alone.

However, with an apprenticeship this problem can easily be solved. Apprenticeships in the UK can be recommended for a variety of career paths, but here in this post I want to focus on apprenticeships in IT only.

An IT apprenticeship can provide you with job experience that will be invaluable should you need to search for a position at a later time. What’s more, you may not even need to look further following your IT apprenticeship since the odds are pretty good that your employer will keep you on. In fact, the vast majority of apprenticeships in the UK and elsewhere will at some point turn into full-time positions.

Finding an IT apprenticeship in the UK

Those who are looking for IT apprenticeships can take advantage of helpful resources to make their search a lot easier. With dedicated apprenticeship search websites such as, a graduate can quickly get a listing of open apprenticeship vacancies in his or her area. This can be immensely helpful to find apprenticeships in Birmingham or any other large city in the nation. I recommend apprenticeships for anyone who wants to get into their desired career quickly and without the hassles.


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Get Your CV Short-listed With Those Tips   no comments

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If you want to make sure that your CV makes an impression with your potential employers you must think out of the box. Over at The Telegraph I found some great tips that can help you to make your CV stand out.

With those professional tips you can improve your CV and the impression it can make dramatically. Learn how you can increase your chances of getting short-listed for interviews. If you apply those tips you will definitely see better responses as compared to submitting a dull resume like anyone else.

Tip: Even if you do not apply all those tips to super-charge your CV you can still increase your chances by submitting a CV that is free of errors ans customized for the position you are applying for.


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Why Export Documentation Software Can Be Important For Your Business   no comments

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Being efficient in a business is without a doubt the most important factor that can decide over success or failure. Being efficient means that work gets done in the fastest and best way with minimal costs.

Several decades ago, when computers became accessible for the average person, efficiency for business saw a huge rise since it all of a sudden was possible to get tasks done that previously had been impossible altogether or they took a lot of time and manpower to complete.

Business software suites were among the earliest software for computers and today they have come long ways.

Offices everywhere can now make use of accounting software, spread sheets, databases and of course communications are also much more efficient with the use of email and instant messaging.

Beside standard business software, more specific software that is targeted to certain businesses deserves particular attention.

In my case it was export documentation software that brought my own business from rather mediocre performance up to new heights.

This is a type of software that can significantly help any business that deals with shipping such as import/export businesses, warehouses or mail-order companies that work through ebay.

Export documentation software helps us tremendously to keep track of all the paperwork and documentation. This starts with customer invoices and ends with the ever important customs documents which are critical when we have shipments that go to other countries.

Before we had several close encounters where a minor problem with customs documents caused delays. The problem here is that any delay for a shipping business means a loss of money. The other problem is that is difficult to get quick insight whether all those documents are correct without a system like export documentation software in place. You can possibly use standard software for the organization of those things but it’s a lot less efficient to do that way. In my opinion, if you deal with any sort of shipments you shouldn’t skimp on a good export documentation software package.

If you click here you can learn more about how modern export software can help your business.

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Careful If You List Your Business On Google Maps   no comments

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If your business is listed in Google maps you need to be cautious. The reason for this is that your maps listing could be manipulated without your knowledge.

Read about the Serbian Restaurant in Washington DC which first lost 75% of its customer base and then had to close because someone changed their opening hours in the listing, suggesting that the formerly flourishing restaurant would be closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

According to the article, the business owner Rene Bertagna is convinced that one of his competitors altered the listing.

Mr. Bertagna is now suing Google although the chances for him to win the case are rather slim

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Fire Safety At Work   no comments

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As a business owner in the United Kingdom you will face many challenges and  responsibilities. Safety is always all the way on top of this list. You cannot have a successful business without providing a safe environment for yourself, your employees and for your clients.

In the UK, fire safety for commercial buildings is in particular important. We have very strict fire safety regulations that apply to virtually any type of business and those regulations cannot simply be ignored.

Fire Safety Systems For Commercial Structures

What can you do to improve your fire safety in your premises? Allow me to go over some of the more commonly used fire prevention and fire suppression systems.


The Detectomat Fire Safety System

The Detectomat

The Detectomat is a fire alert and prevention system that’s widely used in the United Kingdom and many other countries.

What it is, it is usually one central control panel console and a number of smoke detectors and manual fire alarms that are installed all throughout a building.

The smoke detectors can automatically sound an alarm and the other alert panels give people a way to trigger the system manually in case they spot a fire.

Of course you should not only rely on such fire preventions systems like the Detectomat since there is more you can do to increase your fire safety in your business.

For instance, you should always make sure to have properly serviced fire extinguishers accessible all throughout your premises.

It can be recommended that you visit your city’s fire brigade if you’re uncertain about the specific rules and regulations in your area. Those can let you know what you need to do for maximum fire safety in the workplace .


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